Magic Spoon vs Oats Overnight -- Who Nailed It?

The Paid Social Performance Battle is where your favorite brands compete to see who is winning on paid social.

Magic Spoon vs Oats Overnight -- Who Nailed It?

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Welcome to The Paid Social Performance Battle

The showdown is where your favorite brands compete to see who is winning on paid social.

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Magic Spoon vs Oats Overnight

Let’s understand their positioning and what do they before diving further.

Magic Spoon: 

Magic Spoon cereal is high-protein, low-sugar, keto-friendly, and gluten-free. Available in Cocoa, Frosted, Fruity, Blueberry, Peanut Butter, and Cinnamon.

Oats Overnight:

Overnight oats (also called ONO) is an alternative way of preparing oatmeal that doesn’t involve any cooking. Rather than the traditional method of boiling oats, overnight oats are mixed with milk, or a dairy-free alternative, and left overnight in the fridge, allowing the oats to hydrate.

So what’s the difference?

Both are usually breakfast meals, but Magic Spoon focuses on “cereals” while Oat Overnight has a wide variety.

Why did I choose these two brands? Our community member (The Performers), Bada Pandey, shared in our mastermind call that he takes inspiration from Magic Spoon ads. See, the value of community? ;) We have 20+ brands like these that we follow and get inspired by.

Before tearing it down, I checked the ads library of both accounts and I was mind blown. Why? I saw that Magic Spoon has 230+ ads and Oats Overnight.

Note to self (Matthew McConaughey style): The best brands are those that are always testing ads on social.

Ads that appeal

Before tearing it down, I checked the ads library of both accounts and I was mind blown. Why? I saw that Magic Spoon has 230+ ads and Oats Overnight.

Note to self (Matthew McConaughey style): The best brands are those that are always testing ads on social.

I was actually sold on the idea before even watching the ad. You (marketers) know why—it’s the copywriting of the ad. Check out this image below to understand what I mean:

Magic spoon ad

The primary text copy has so many good things:

  • Curious rhetorical question

  • Features that people want: 4g protein

  • Reducing objection: Satisfaction guaranteed and less than $2 per serving

I am not kidding; I am going to buy Magic Spoon after hitting send.

Okay, let’s look at the ad now:

  • 1.5-second hook that feels like this guy is about to lift weight, BUT it is Magic Spoon

  • “Heard about Magic Spoon over TikTok” – You know that’s the recent trend, and the script uses familiarity bias

  • Copy: Why would you ever eat a regular cereal again? --- The enemy/competition is old world vs the new world.

  • Unboxing coupled with ASMR experience (sound and design) – triggers hunger cues (mouth-watering experience)

  • Intriguing statement: “This is magic in a bowl”

  • Explains the statement with features: Frosted, fruity, peanut butter, sugar, and protein – you get the idea.

  • Single idea: “magic” was well communicated

  • CTA: The future of cereal is here

Key takeaways:

  • The new hook is 1.5 seconds, not 3 seconds – remember

  • Your copywriting already make a difference before the user clicks on the ad

  • Exploit familiarity bias with social proof: I heard it all over TikTok

  • ASMR experience can help you create further desire

  • If your product is magical, why not use it in your ads

  • Hits the selfish interest: Healthy and life after using your product

This ad has actually two different hooks:

Hook # 1:

Hook #2:

Note to self: Always make various versions of the same video. Take as much juice out of your one video.

With this ad, I want to show you the script first. We can learn a lot from the script already:

So, let me explain what Chiasmi is – It’s a verbal pattern in which second half of a phrase is balanced against the first, with the key element being reversed. Here are some good examples for you:

Do you want your money in the bank or bank in the money? How can marketing keep spending money if there is no money to spend?

So, next time, try using your hook with Chiasmi.

The analogy and the moment of truth were like someone having a real fun experience.

Key takeaways:

  • Introduce your product soon

  • Find an idea that “sticks” – With this ad it is the fun and magical experience the creator is getting

  • Use hooks with Chiasmi copywriting principle

  • Use analogies iny our script

  • Make ASMR and trying experience so much fun that “after life” outcome becomes secondary.

  • Social proof and familiriaty bias are MUST for paid social ad

  • Take as much juice from your existing videos

With this ad, I want to show you the script first. We can learn a lot from the script already:

Oats Overnight

founder ad oats overnight

So, I usually love the founder ads – specially you can easily make them, take founder’s interview and turn into an ad.

What I loved about this ad is the hook:

“I have friends that were saying, what the hell you are doing” — It immediately connects the founder inside me. That’s the most common comment you usually hear from friends.

But I didn’t love the copywriting on the ad. It’s mostly “me-me-me”.

However, don’t discount this ad so quickly, it’s a perfect founder video to steal from. Let me show you the script.

Overnights oats script

Something that the script does not do full justice but the video does:

  • It’s in a lab, immediate scientific credibility (subtle though)

  • The use multiple founder video useful (I am gonna steal that)

  • They made sure the video is has less than 3 seconds change of the visual so we don’t get bored.

If you are going to go with a testimonial video mashup, then try this kind of video Buzzfeed style. It gets their opinion about Overnight Oats.

Why? Everyone has heard about “Oats” but not “Drinkable Oats”.

It is powerful because of the kind of style and the benefit-led testimonials you get.

It is entertaining, fun to watch, and gets you hooked for those 22 seconds to try after that.

And the best part, the reactions you get are amusing to watch.

These are two perfect ads we can steal from.

But I need to tell you that Oats Overnight has surprised me.

So, instead of doing the analysis, I’ll just tell you to steal these ads hooks and ideas.

You can take notes if you really like it.

Hooks are so steal-worthy:

On Zoom calls envy - Amazing use of familiarity bias.

Hook: She goes to gym during work and has the same shake or cup.

Just steal the hooks. How? Your product + what your co-worker regularly does that makes you envious.

Hook: Y’all have a sibling that’s one up you?

You can use this hook and create a desire around your product.

Script also shares that he didn’t even give it a try but changed his mind, and he is hooked.

Storytelling and psychology are done right.

Key takeaways from Oats Overnight:

  • Use founder story that’s relatable and address objections (quick, cheap and effective)

  • Leverage envy in your hooks

  • Instead of testimonial videos, try Buzzfeed style “reaction” videos

How you can apply it to your ads/marketing

  • Use thumbnail that shows the "desire after life" of using your product

  • Use hooks with Chiasmi & analogies copywriting principle

  • Try psychology of envy -- works with every product (our mirror neurons always are looking for it)

  • Physical product should always take advantage of ASMR: sound + design + haptics

  • Introduce your product as early possible in your video ads

  • Don't run testimonial-plain vanilla ad, run Buzzfeed style reaction ads

  • Leverage the current world-scenario rising trend to touches the familiarity bias i.e. Zoom calls (remote work)

I'm definitely stealing these:

  • Headline idea: The *product* hack feels illegal

  • Headline idea: Goodbye: (time your customer hates) blues

  • Found ad hook: I had friends who were saying what the hell are you doing?

  • Primary text copy: See what *this new product* is all about...Copied from: See what this drinkable oatmeal is all about.

  • Primary text copy: Why would you ever *insert verb* *product* again? Copied from: Why would you ever eat the regular product again?

Now It’s Your Time to Decide.

By simply responding, let me know which brand’s ads you liked the most.

Cast your vote for a chance to win!

Respond with:

  • A – Magic Spoon

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The prize (worth €997)?

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