The Ultimate UGC Guide Part 2

Hooks, hooks and more hooks

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This is part two of the newsletter guide I wrote last week. For those who missed the part one can refer here.

How to give feedback to UGC creators

Ideally, via frame-by-frame or by video.

For frame-by-frame, use Airtable, as it gives features for FREE.

I usually give feedback via video + in writing so they don’t miss it.

Remember that people who create videos for us are creative people. They put their heart and soul into it, and I recommend always starting with something positive before highlighting what could be improved.

My UGC creative strategist gave 9minute plus video feedback to one of our UGC creators, there are many interesting insights there, check it out here (my community loved this video btw).

We conducted a UGC mastermind session and found some UGC insights that are useful for this newsletter too. While we can’t share the group video, here are some highlights so you get a sneak peek of what goes on in my community:

  • UGC works well for younger audiences

  • UGC gets you clicks, not necessarily conversion

  • Connecting the UGC video mood board to the “landing page” is critical. If the video has an emotional hook, the landing page should continue the emotional hook in its headlines and sell emotional benefits.

  • Ask for raw footage once the video ad has proven to work

  • If a UGC does not work in prospecting, try it in retargeting

  • Most importantly, if possible, jump on current trends when you make UGC videos

Never retire a winning UGC

Once you’ve found the winning UGC video, then your job is to keep iterating on it. You need to ask other creators to make the same video, turn it into a UGC mashup, and find more ways to use the same video or hook.

This insight comes from Lorenzo Pravata

Read more about this in one of my previous issues: Creative Iterations in 5 Easy Steps.

Okay, that was an important signpost for you to remember.

Hooks and more hooks

Hooks are the key factor in the UGC video execution. I’d highly advice to search on TikTok to find it in your vertical but I’m sharing some proven hooks with you.

Here are some proven UGC hooks found from analyzing 15+ brands in my newsletter:

  1. I finally found a hack that helps me with X

  2. Attention audience: I have something you need to know…

  3. You can achieve (desired success), and you don’t need…

  4. You have an idea and you want to (focus on jobs to be done)

  5. Trouble with X? I felt these working immediately.

  6. This is my secret to (success outcome)

  7. Let’s be very honest. I never ever thought that a service like this one would exist.

  8. How can X change anything? It can help you get a, b and c

  9. This is how (psychology) changed her eating habits

  10. THIS is how she finally changed her (X) heath

  11. Now THIS is the only thinking that made me stop X

  12. Crush your X addiction

  13. X mind blowing _____ that will change _____

  14. This is why I can never go back to these (products)

  15. Did you know? …..

  16. Here’s my secret to a happy X

  17. I can’t believe (removing X problem) was this easy

  18. Hate X? Try this.

  19. This is your sign to NOT get X

  20. I get asked all the time if/how can I do X

  21. 3 X facts you should know

  22. Can’t do X? Don’t worry. Let me help you out.

Why proven? Well, because these ads have been running for a long time..

I’m also happy to share Savannah Sanchez’s hooks that I’ve saved on top of my UGC curation:

  • Say goodbye to your _____ and say hello to _____

  • As someone who spends a lot of time _____, here are my favorite _____ brands

  • Are you _____? You need to try THIS

  • The perfect ______ DOES exist

  • Do you ever feel like your _____ routine is a huge waste of time/money?

  • Texting A Friend The Product Recommendation

  • Which _____ on Amazon are worth the hype?

  • When You Catch Your Boyfriend...Instead of using…

  • Websites I Wish I Knew About Sooner

  • 3 reasons you should not get a brand

Some with videos:

And here are some other hooks from Jake Abraham from LinkedIn:

Here are 21 hook frameworks from their best campaigns, organized into 7 categories.

Outcome Hook Frameworks

  1. Watch my [problem] disappear in X minutes

  2. How I [dream outcome] in X weeks with no [objection]

  3. This is how I got rid of my [problem] before [key life event]

Credibility Hook Frameworks

  1. I’m a [credibility label] and here’s why [audience] should…

  2. Why [credibility label] recommends [solution]

  3. I’m a [credibility label]. Stop using [failed solution] and try [product].

Third-Person POV Hook Frameworks

  1. If your [audience] has [problem], tell them this…

  2. This is the only [solution] my [audience] wears

  3. This [product] is like a [equivalent] for my [audience]

FOMO Hook Frameworks

  1. I saw every [audience] using [product]

  2. [Audience] is saying that [product] is solving [problem]

  3. POV: you’re [audience] and found the best [product]

Enemy Hook Frameworks

  1. I swore I needed [enemy] before I learned THIS

  2. The #1 trick to fixing [problem] without [enemy]

  3. This is better than your [enemy]

Listicle Hook Frameworks

  1. 3 misconceptions about [problem]

  2. 3 reasons to AVOID using [product]

  3. My 5-step hack to [desired outcome]

  4. Problem + Solution Hook Frameworks

  5. Trying [problem] hacks so you don’t have to

  6. I was so [problem] before I tried [product]

  7. Why I will never [activity] again without [solution]

I also find this infographic from Alex Cooper helpful whenever I am thinking up hooks:

More UGC resources

I personally love watching Dara Denny’s content on YouTube as she also has some insightful content that you should watch:

And if you want to become a master in performance creatives, then Dara’s course is worth the investment, with an ROI that will keep giving back throughout your entire career.

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Mistakes I made with UGC (when I started out)

I’ll keep this short. So you don’t make the same mistakes as I did:

  • Didn’t ask for a video without subtitles: UGC creators sometimes wrote silly subtitles, so always ask for videos with subtitles and without.

  • Size issues: Facebook has changed the video safe zone. Ask your UGC creators to put subtitles in the safe zone.

  • Not giving hooks and ideas to the creators: I gave them generic hooks, not specific to their use case nor the benefits found.

  • Not jumping on a call: It’s easier to brainstorm ideas together and have buy-in from the creators.

  • UGC evaluation: I didn’t look at each frame close enough to give proper feedback.

  • My opinion: Two creators didn't have the energy I like, but somehow their videos work. So, never just go with your personal opinion. Always test it.

  • You either pay for multiple iterations and time or money. My UGC creative strategist now charges $450 per video but she does such a good job that her iterations are almost close to zero. I wish I had known this earlier.

Talking about things I wish I knew earlier. Read this blog about 10 UGC Insights I Wish I Knew Earlier

Shout out to Marco Lange from Blank Studio for these amazing insights in our mastermind Slack group. There are many like these on a weekly basis. This is just one of them.

If you want to join, apply now. I’m closing the doors — I will only accept 20 new marketers every three months to maintain high-quality members.

Happy Growing with Paid Social,

Aazar Shad

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